Pressure washing uses a stick hose that squirts out highly pressurized water to help remove dirt and other materials from hard surfaces. The main difference between power washing and pressure washing which are oftentimes interchanged is that, power washing has a water heating element and a pressure washing doesn’t. 

There’s actually a big difference when you use a power washer instead of a pressure washer. Since it has a heating element, sometimes power washing is not advisable to be used on sensitive surfaces. Power washing is suggested to be executed on large commercial spaces or a very big patio space or driveway. Tallahassee pressure washing is the way to go for household use since it’s less harsh on surfaces which makes it ideal to clean Screen Windows, Pool Enclosures and Sunrooms.  The thing about a pressure washer – it cleans fast, uses less water, is effortless and even fun. 



Here’s a list of uses a pressure washer is known for: 


  • Pressure Cleaning drains, ducts and gutters 

Drains getting clogged with your pet’s poop or hair. Ducts filled with debris and falling leaves. Gutters getting infused with mud and grass residue from mowing the lawn. Pressure washing these areas can easily unclog your drains, free your ducts and clear your gutters. 


  • Pool Cleaning 

The process of cleaning the pool with a pressure washer is totally different than how you expected it to be. Trying to do the regular pressure washing on your pool tiles would produce different results. Professional Pool Cleaners that use pressure washing to clean your pools actually has a secret. This is called Bead Blasting. Bead Blasting is a method that sprays or blasts beads on your tiles at a very high pressure and speed. This way, the beads will scrape off the calcium deposits stuck in between tiles.  


  • Parking lot and driveway Pressure Washing 

It makes sense to use a pressure washer for driveways because they are the front and center appealing for your home curb to the garage. It’s also a nice large and wide flat surface to have fun with using the full power of the machine. 


  • Furniture kept outside the house 

Cleaning Plastics, Vinyl or Wood outdoor patio furniture are also done using a pressure washer. Hand washing and scrubbing your outdoor furniture is not only tedious and hard work but also time consuming.  


  • Muddy Cars and Trucks 

Instead of spending money on a car wash, people just use their pressure washer to clean up the mud on their car’s wheel or even the entirety of it.  


  • Window Pressure Washing 

Pressure Washing your windows makes it fast and easy. The wand allows you to reach hard to reach places and even second story windows without having to climb it. However, it is not entirely recommended. Pressure washing windows can cause damage if put in high setting.  


  • Last piece of advice: Every different surface requires a different water pressure or force in order to remove the dirt and clean off the surface properly. Make sure you adjust the distance from the surface and the nozzle as needed.