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Welcome to Criminal World

This is a FREE game based on the real gangster lifestyle. The game is fully browser based so you won't need to download or install anything. Only need internet to play.


In Criminal World you can form a criminal organization with friends or a family you unite with other people from around the world. Create your reputation with no respect for the law, and it won't be easy.


Compete against players from around the world! make your way to the top!




Recent News

Family changes  2014-07-17 9:09 PM

Due to some members moaning they want to make thier own families i have now raised the family limit to 10 families, but have raised the ammount of land you can win when attacking other families.
Please note to attack other families you need 3 family members online at the same time all in the same country.
Android Users  2013-01-04 9:02 AM

Criminal World is now available from the Google play store and can be downloaded for free and is available on over 2260 devices.
So if you have an android device then feel free to download the app and play from your device anywhere.
The link to the the download from Google play is in the link partners on the right hand side.
Any feedback or reviews will be appreciated.